sábado, 30 de junio de 2007

Viral advertisement


Vamos por partes. Las publicidades que apuntan a volverse fenomenos virales de internet merecen su credito. No hay nada peor que una publicidad que te muestra a gente perfecta diciendo "Desde que me puse arnet mi vida cambio" y en un paneo general tienen un cable de adsl en orto. No. Eso no.

La onda de esto es que vos vas al laburo pones el afiche y rompes las bolas y por un momento la cosa no es monotona.

Ahora por otro lado la musica de "you have to make your own kind of music" la sacaron de Lost, donde aparece por primera vez cuando Desmon está en la escotilla, dia tras dia, cada 108 minutos ingresando los mismos numeros 4 8 15 16 23 42 en un viejo computador pensando en que algun día va a venir el relevo, que toda esta locura va a terminar y podra ser libre, pero no como ileana calabro, libre de verdad, libre de deadlines, libre de la rutina, libre de todos los dias decir en acento escoces

"I have to push the button broda; every 108 minutes broda; I have to, broda; I have lost my pants broda, I need to go number two broda"

Y podemos hacer de esto una analogia a hacer una carrera en fiuba?

-. No la verdad que no

En fin, tu vieja piensa que si. Por eso este post va dedicado a ella. Y ahora, lo que viene, si lo que viene es la version que grabo Alejandro Turri de este tema para el cumpleaños de Gustavo Lopez. Aca, en noticiasdeayer, donde vos, vos aprendes de actualidad.

jueves, 28 de junio de 2007

Now that I think of it

This is one of the best places I have ever studied. Right across la biblioteca nacional. It feels like being abroad. Estudié todo lo que pude de ADMPRO pero la contabilidad siempre me costo y por eso estimo que voy a recuperatorio.

On the other hand, Maria Marta Garcia Belsunse has failed to upload the exam results, although I feel that I have failed Bayesianas and Inducción. This was not my brightest week.

miércoles, 27 de junio de 2007

Y Simulación?

I’m a cybernetic organism – living tissue over metal endo-skeleton
Carlos Benitez. Abril de 2002. Organización del Computador.

Sa, el miercoles que viene me presento por primera vez a dar la última chance del parcial de simulación. La colgue la materia asi mal, ADMPRO venia primero. Pass or die!!

lunes, 25 de junio de 2007

Retroceder nunca, en blanco jamas

Recien vengo de dar ISI los otros tres parciales, no dejé nada en blanco pero la verdad que mande fruta. Mañana rindo ADMPRO, está complicado el panorama.

sábado, 23 de junio de 2007

Tomorrow never dies - Part 2

Guard1: Mr Carver, Bond has escaped. He managed somehow to reproduce all three ISI Tps!

Elliot Carver: Good for Bond, Bad for you.
Guard1 is shooted to death.
Elliot Carver: Can you believe this? I have all the money of the world, control virtually every newspaper in the world and still cant get rid of one single british agent. That's why I have hired you Dr Kaufman.

Dr Kaufman: Dont worry Mr Carver, Zis Mizter Bond will be part of ze past. I will torture him all weekend. Not to mention zat he has to study for ADMPRO, do another TP und study for ISI
Elliot Carver: Do you have a doctorate in torture?
Dr. Kaufman: No, no zis iz more like a hobby... but I am very gifted.
Elliot Carver: Oh i believe you
Dr. Kaufman: I will make sure Bond can't concentrate und doesn't study. Take my word for it, ja?

the plot thickens...

viernes, 22 de junio de 2007

Tomorrow never dies

-.MISTA BOND, Time is running up, is it?
Bond: Indeed, your days are soon to be over
-. Perhaps, but right now, you are in a tough spot... You have no time, and you haven't finished not even one single ISI tp. I shall soon comunicate your failure to the world. Ohh, I can already see the headlines "British top agent fails to pass an optativa, and tragically dies"
Bond: I had worse
-. Yes, I know. I'm just getting warmed up... While you were sleeping I have injected a violent virus. I made the game a little bit more interesting mista bond. If I were you I would start working right away...
Bond: Do you expect me to fail?
-. No Mista Bond... I expect you to die.

martes, 19 de junio de 2007

It's all about pochocleo

Before you were able to say "lala" I had to let you go with the petisa. Es como dicen, if you love it set it free. Igual i dont love it, es un tp o sea.

Hoy traje mi mobo (ay ay) a los flacos de soporte y me cambiaron los capacitores pochocleados y parece que anda, so i'm back in bussiness.

Un capacitor pochocleado es el que tiene como panza asi que tomo mucha birra y quedo del orto, como vos en el dia de san patricio, dale vos sabes.

miércoles, 13 de junio de 2007

We've just lost cabin pressure

Se me cagó la PC de mi casa y no quiere arrancar. That sucks on a major basis. 2 Days from the TP deadline.

I'm cool.

I'm cool. Yeah, really cool.

Mmmm I have a new vein in my forehead. I wonder when did that appear?

Mmmm my left arm has gone numb.

Mmmm I believe I'm having a stroke

Mmmm My heart just stopped.

oh, there it is again. Let's move on.

lunes, 11 de junio de 2007

Show me the way to go home

Me voy a acostar temprano para mañana ir mas temprano al laburo y seguir con el TP. Hoy ya estoy menos 10. El sistema que pusimos en funcionamiento en el laburo esta andando de 10, asi que estamos en esas semanas de mirar y regodearnos que no explota por ningun lado.

domingo, 10 de junio de 2007

Del orto Weekend

Bye, bye, its been a sweet love.
Though this feeling I can't change.
But please don't take it badly,
'Cause Lord knows I'm to blame.
But, if I stayed here with you girl,
Things just couldn't be the same.
Cause I'm as free as a bird now,
And this bird you'll never change.
And this bird you can not change.
Lord knows, I can't change.
Lord help me, I can't change.

Free bird
Lynyrd skynyrd

Ok I have some supplies and shit for this week. I mean this weekend had to be "Del orto weekend", a weeekend where the ADMPRO tp had to be finished. Instead I read about arpspoof, dnsspoof and some ssl hacking so fuck that shit.

I swear to god I can hear Robert Deniro narrando my story like in the ending of Casino , where everything goes to frichen hell. There's no fucking way I can do something related to studying on weekends, I should have known that by now.
Now I have realized another thing. Next semester it will all be diferent. I wont focus on FIUBA instead I will address my personal life, because I want to live alone, and have my friends come over to drink beer and possibly play PS2 or PS3 on a big LCD monitor that I might buy if I change my job.

Que pasaría si me postulo a las elecciones del CEI? just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose?
Meh. I might end up in a zanja. Who knows.

So now I proclaim the beginning of Del orto Week, starting now and ending on Friday at nineteen hundred hours.

jueves, 7 de junio de 2007

Please not now

me-. Doctor doctor! tengo mierda en la bocha
Doc-. I'm afraid so, yes.
me-. How did it get there?
Doc-. Well, it's because you are not able to let go some of the issues that affect your relatives.
me-. Oh crap. Now is when I envy so much university campus in foreign countries. I mean you have 5 years to study and hang out with your friends. And that's it. All you have to do is study and drink beer. Imaginate, es como un fucking gran hermano donde nadie te va a tirar un VOT 2; 5 años de lo que podria convertirse en 5 años de situaciones onda Scrubbs o Friends. Is this why I cant focus to finish the ADMPRO tp?
Doc-. mmmm, let's see. Yes.
me-. Oh Mein got.
Doc-. Life is a bitch. Mmm let me correct that. YOUR life is a bitch. Now, yes, much better.
me-. Die
Doc-. Yes I will die eventually, but your life will still be a bitch
me-. Ok die now
Doc-. Sorry not gonna happend
me-. Please?
Doc-. Nah
me-. You are starting to get on my nervs
Doc-. Yes, please get mad. It's the only way to wake up
me-. What? wake up? what do you mean? I am awake
Doc-. Not really, you have been cryogenically frozen like Tom Cruise on Vanilla Sky.
me-. What??!?!??! When?
Doc-. Back in 2001, you couldnt cope with the whole idea of recursar. Eversince you have been dreaming. None of this is real. The only way to wake up is to jump from that balcony
me-. ...
Doc-. ...
me-. ...
Doc-. ...
me-. ...
Doc-. Oh my god! you totally fell for that one did ya? oh god you should have seen your face, you got upset jajaja
me-. Ok, cut it out, it's not funny.
Doc-. oh jajajajajaj no no no, i beg to differ that was totally funny!!!!!!
me-. OK Doc, can you help me with this?
Doc-. Nah sorry kid.
me-. Damn

miércoles, 6 de junio de 2007

PFS ( o Post Fiuba Syndrome) First part

-. Because I see, I hear and then silently create my theories.

Tuvieja, Convencion de Ginebra 1987

Dear Reader,

It's really hard to seize the emotions on ending a fiuba career. This is the first part of only god knows how many to come.

Dr. Ernest Menville

Some testimony from ex-students

As you are standing in the front of fiuba, you look back, but not literally, you look back on life. On fiuba life. The first parcial, the first burocratic tramite that went down the toilet, that fucking feeling when recursing for the first time or when the bloody inscription system gave you timeout. Was it all worth it? The 10 years? was it?

Primera hoja del libro "El dia que me di cuenta que tire mi vida a un pozo"
Alberto Taponardi - Nueva Libreria


Experience is a comb that life gives you, when you have no hair (La experiencia es un peine que te da la vida, cuando ya no tenes pelo o sea). If I could go back again I would do things so different.

The Fuiba Handbook
J.J. Calzetta


-. No, esto es noticiasdeayer, sparta queda a la vuelta


One of the wierdest and most exiting time of my life

Cientificos han estado por años buscando analizar el efecto de terminar una carrera en FIUBA. So long, they have found several recurring emotions

Exam abstinence: Fiubers will need for their entire life to be tested, to work under preassure and to deal with tricky situations. Other than those situations, will not feel right and most ex-students will search the hair of the egg in simple and clear situations.

Personal life DOA (dead on arrival): Experimentado por aquellos que han volcado en la facultad toda su frustración y la usaron para escapar de los problemas que tenian en su vida personal. Most of the ex-students that fall into this category will go back to some UBA studies. This is Also known as the "Tire mi vida a un pozo" symptom. They have always been bitching about how fiuba needed a lot of dedication and now that they have all the time in the world, they realize that they can't go to that dancing class they have always dreamed of for other reasons.

Skepticism: "This cant be the end. It just cant. I feel like any other person, if not less". This emotion is experienced by those that believed that finishing your studies will make a groso out of themselves.

Passiveness: "Se, me recibi. Aja. Se. Si. Que hay hoy en cinecanal?". Contrary to Popular Belief, most students show little enthusiasm about finishing. Some believe that this is because they have worked their ass off for many years so ending was something to come.

Ahora si: Finishing is not the end, but the begining of a new life, it's the time to do everything they have longed for. Usually it's just sitting in front of the TV for long hours with a beer in one hand and a bag of chips in the other, but rest assure he is enjoying that moment a hundred times more than any other person because HE KNOWS, that that is something unique that regular people dont appreciate.

Regardless of this symptoms, an ex-student will never become and ex-fiuber. Once a fiuber, ALWAYS a fiuber. Why is that, will always remain a mistery...

To be continued (some day)

martes, 5 de junio de 2007

The Kids Arent Alright

Que caloooooooor
Que calor que tengo yo!
Que levante la mano
El que quiere vino en cartón, seh

y las manitos ahi, y ahi y ahi...

Ramiro Veira - Asi abria la primera clase de datos con una temperatura de 34º
(o al menos asi lo recuerdo)

En los momentos de más tensión en el día mando mensajes limados a algún contacto al azar de mi celular.

Knah recien llego de ADMPRO loco, o sea para y en 30' me tengo que ir a dormir. Stop this madness STOP IT I SAY. En fin.

Volvió el posteo diario, wdeaaaaaah

lunes, 4 de junio de 2007


Me hablas de challenge y hoy caiste a ISI sin birome, o sea se te nota la marca del paracaidas a un kilometro man.

Y porque no hiciste lo que hacemos todos? Robarse la birome del libro de actas del depto de computacion?

Porque la ultima vez que lo hice me vio el minion del director del depto y ante su punsante pregunta de "CUAL ES SU NOMBRE!?!?!?!" dije, "Soy Osvaldo Clua y vengo a firmar el presente.... ". El resto te lo cuento otro dia.

En fin por suerte el Karma apareció porque encontre una birome en el piso del aula que todavia funcaba so shut the fuck up.

domingo, 3 de junio de 2007


Cuantos dias faltan para que termine el cuatrimestre???

Bien que me curé
Mal como me quedó la bocha de no salir por tanto tiempo. Otra vez me inunda la idea de soltar el acelerador de la facultad y apretar el de la otra vida, la de la que no cuento nada aca porque no da.
Mal todo lo atrasado que estoy con la facultad. It's killing me. God damn it. If only I could find the keys to the Delorean.
Mañana otra vez a poner cara de poker en ISI. Me preocupa mal el tp de ADMPRO, tengo muy poco tiempo y no doy a basto. Encima no es algo que pueda hacer sin la pc, como estudiar, es algo que tengo que hacer en casa y cuando estoy en mi casa no puedo hacer un carajo. This is when a notebook could come in handy.

It's a challenge, it's all a challenge.